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Wed, Feb 12, 2020

SPUR: Reenvisioning the Planning Commission


SPUR Urban Center
654 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105-4015

Reenvisioning the Planning Commission

Planning commissions across the country advise elected officials and municipal departments on the appropriate growth and development of their cities. But complaints about these bodies and the processes that they undertake can be extensive — from regularly scheduled hearings that are all but inaccessible to the public due to location and timing, to politically appointed commissioners not accurately representing the city whose growth they oversee. How could the planning commission process be improved? Join us for a series of rapid-fire presentations about the tweaks, evolutions and transformations that planning commissions could undertake to better suit the needs of today’s cities and their residents. Co-presented by YIMBY Action and the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition.

+ Chirag Bhakta / Mission Housing
+ Laura Foote / YIMBY Action
+ Ron Miguel / Better Market Street Community Advisory Committee
+ John Rahaim / San Francisco Planning Department
+ Cindy Wu / Chinatown Community Development Center
+ Milicent Johnson / San Francisco Planning Commission
+ Tyra Fennell / Imprint City
+ Michael Yarne / Social Construct

SPUR Urban Center
654 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105-4015
Email address: publicprograms@spur.org
Phone: 415.781.8726

*** Pre-registration is required, $10 for non-members.

Purchase tickets here: https://www.spur.org/events/2020-02-12/reenvisioning-planning-commission

Join us afterward the panel for a social.
Location TBD.

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